Blessings in Hard Places

There are some lessons that can only be learned through challenging times. Through a cancer diagnosis we were given the chance to trust God more. We learned how God makes a special place for those who are going through painful circumstances. A place of intimacy to know Him more deeply. Rest and peace in the midst of difficulty.  In reflection, we can also see the way He provided in advance for us to ensure the diagnosis was made, the best healthcare was provided, stellar insurance covered the care, and the best outcome resulted. Covid, while making life more difficult for all of us, had prompted the two of us to get into a regular habit of walking together (including praying and processing of life’s challenges). We believe this helped with stamina for the treatments and the constant disruptions and challenges we would face.  On top of all of that, God’s people stepped up to support and encourage through prayer and practical support, resulting in deepening connection and new relationships.  To God be the glory!